Standing Rock Technology offers its consulting services across the market with a particular focus on high customer density operations such as hotels, hospitals, aged care facilities, clubs and shopping centers. 

With the experience within Standing Rock Technologies, we can assist you in the planning and development of your new build, refurbishment or any other technology based project in your business. 

We stand beside you to find the best technology outcomes for your business on the market. With our experience, you will get it right the first time. 

Consulting services include:

  • Conceptual design. Assist in developing initial scope and cost estimates for core infrastructure such as vertical and horizontal cabling (ethernet, fiber, coax etc), lead in services, server room locations and size, communication cupboard locations, endpoint infrastructure requirements;

  • Pre build scope and estimates. Define core infrastructure and design intended operational technology such as network, WiFi, IP TV, CCTV, audio visual, lighting, building management, door entry, security, property management systems (PMS), point of sale (POS);

  • Build phase. Work with you and your builder to ensure all initial direction is interpreted correctly by the builder. Regular site visits to keep the correct outcome on track;

  • Pre opening project management. Project manage lead times, decision process and stakeholders. Management bill of materials and market responses. Work with builders, suppliers and you to deploy the chosen technology and ensure all the components work together;

  • Upgrades and refurbishments. Scope current infrastructure, hardware and provide advice on what can be taken forward or improved. Design appropriate solutions to complement the project. Gain market response to options and cost. Provide recommendations and project mange the deployment and integration